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1998-16, Scott 2876-79 Xilinguole Grassland
Typical Grassland
(3-1), Typical Grassland, 50 fen, 50*30mm
Meadow Steppe
(3-2), Meadow Steppe, 50 fen, 50*30mm
Poplar-birch River Bend
(3-3), Poplar-birch River Bend, 150 fen, 50*30mm
Xilinguole River Bend
(1-1), Xilinguole River Bend, 800 fen, 140*80 mm/ 60*40 mm
Larger Picture
Technical details
Scott No: 2876-79
Serial number: 1998-16
Values in set: 3
Souvenir sheet: 1
Date of issue: July 24, 1998
Designers: Ma Lian; Dan Sen
Size of stamp: 50*30mm
Size of S/S: 140*80 mm
Size of S/S stamp: 60*40 mm
Perforation: 12
Sheet composition: 40
Printing process: offset
Themes: Landscape, Nature,
The Xilinguole Grassland is vast and grandiose. Located in Xilinguole League in the middle of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it is a typical prairie of temperate zone ecological system. Covering an area of 196,500 square kilometres, the prairie is inhabited by more than 900.000 people from the Mongolian, Han and other nationalities. Natural meadows can be seen in the prairie. There, the climate is humid; the soil is fertile; and the ecological system is complete. The ecology, species and heredity are distributed in a diversified way. The prairie, which boasts developed animal husbandry, is a meat production base known of home and abroad. The mineral resources are abundant here, leaving great potential for the development of minerals, petroleum, coal and natural alkali. The green energy and the wind energy have also been successfully developed. July and August are the most fascinating seasons on the prairie. Here are the blue sky, the white cloud and the endless green prairie where the poem "Cows and sheep emerge in the grassland" is produced.
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