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1995-21, Scott 2620-21 The Centenary of the Cinema
Black and White Film
(2-1), Black and White Film, 20 fen, 40*30mm
Colour Film
(2-2), Colour Film, 50 fen, 40*30mm
Technical details
Scott No: 2620-21
Serial number: 1995-21
Values in set: 2
Date of issue: October 18, 1995
Designers: Qin Mingliang ang Yan Bingwu
Size: 40*30mm
Perforation: 12
Sheet composition: 50
Printing process: offset
Themes: Anniversary, Culture,
On December 28, 1895, the first movie was formally projected in the basement of the Grand Cafe, 14 Boulevard des Capucines in Paris, France. Lumiere brothers projected the films of Workers Leaving the Lumiere Factory, Arrival of Train, Feeding the Baby and Gardener Doused by a Boy's Prank. The audience were amazed by the art of light and images. Film-a brand ®Cnew art°™has since been born following painting, sculpture, architecture, music, poetry, dance and drama.

From its first day of birth, film has been shaking the hearts of the people with its amazing artistic charm and attracting generations of audience. It is the most dazzling pearl of art in the 20th century and one of the greatest inventions and advance in the culture of man.

Adopting such artistic means of montage, film creates a unique structure of time and space and becomes a comprehensive art combining sight with hearing. Because film can be dubbed and projected in large quantities, it has a wide popularity. At its early stage, film was silent. Sound film began to be produced in the 1920s, followed by color film. Film falls into feature film, documentary film, scientific and educational film, and cartoons.

With the rapid advancement of science and technology, the cause of film will get on an even broader road of development.
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