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2003-4, Scott 3262-65 Lily
Lilium taliense
(4-1), Lilium taliense, 60 fen, 40*30 mm
Lilium lankongense
(4-2), Lilium lankongense, 80 fen, 40*30 mm
Lilium distichum
(4-3), Lilium distichum, 80 fen, 40*30 mm
Lilium lophophorum
(4-4), Lilium lophophorum, 200 fen, 40*30 mm
Lilium leucanthum
(1-1), Lilium leucanthum, 800 fen, 140*95 mm/ 76*54 mm
Larger Picture
(1-1s), Lily, 4200 fen, 232*13 mm
Larger Picture
Technical details
Scott No: 3262-65
Serial number: 2003-4
Values in set: 4
Souvenir sheet : 1
Denomination: 4.20 yuan
Denomination of S/S : 8 yuan
Date of issue: 5th Mar. 2003
Designer: Zeng Xiaolian and Yang Jiankun
Size of stamps: 40*30 mm
Size of S/S: 140*95 mm
Size of S/S stamp : 76*54 mm
Perforation: 13*13.5
Sheet composition:
20 for sheet I; 10 for Sheet II
Printing process: photogravure
Printer: Beijing Postage Stamp Printing House
Themes: Flowers, Nature, Plants,
The lily, Lilium belonging to Liliaceae, perennial bulbiferous herbs distributed in temperate areas of the northern hemisphere. Among 115 species of the genus found in the world , 55 are endemic to China. Its underground bulb forms by many fleshy scaled imbricated closely, hence lily is called "Baihe" in Chinese (which means a hundred scales packed together). It is regarded as a symbol of unity and friendship. During greeting seasons, people present lily flowers to each other as gifts, expressing their wish of "happiness and harmony in a family for a hundred years". Their large, gorgeous flowers are often funnelform or campanulate in shape, usually white, sometimes red, purple, pink, yellow or greenish in colour. Lily flowers have been famous and precious, but popular since ancient times for their graceful shape and elegant style. It has been chosen to be the national flower in many countries.
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