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1997-8, Scott 2765-68 Architecture of the Dong Nationality
Zengchong Drum Tower
(4-1), Zengchong Drum Tower, 50 fen, 30*40mm
Large Picture
Bai'er Drum Tower
(4-2), Bai'er Drum Tower, 50 fen, 30*40mm
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Wind and Rain Bridge over the River
(4-3), Wind and Rain Bridge over the River, 150 fen, 40*30mm
Large Picture
Wind and Rain Bridge in the Fiel
(4-4), Wind and Rain Bridge in the Fiel, 150 fen, 40*30mm
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Architecture of the Dong Nationality (FDC)
(1-1fdc), Architecture of the Dong Nationality (FDC), 400 fen, - mm
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Technical details
Scott No: 2765-68
Serial number: 1997-8
Values in set: 4
Date of issue: Li Yingqing
Designers: June 2,1997
30*40mm for Value 1 and 2
40*30mm for Value 3 and 4
Perforation: 12
Sheet composition: 20
Printing process: offset
Themes: Architecture,
Dong Nationality, a minority nationality in southwest China, has a population of about 2.5 million who mainly inhabit Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi provinces and autonomous region. The Dong people are not only good at singing and dancing, but also experts in knitting and building.

The drum towers are in the shape of a wood pagoda. Without a single nail or rivet, the towers could be three-to ten-storey high. The tower is spacious inside and has wood rails circling each floor. There is a calabash or crane on the top of the tower symbolizing auspiciousness and peace. The delicately wrought protruding eaves look as if to fly and leap. The square in front of, and the stage connected with the tower are the centre of celebration activities.

Wind and rain bridge, also called flower bridge, is another unique building of Dong people. As the weather in the region is changeable, Dong people build corridors on the bridges so passers-by could take shelter from the sun, wind and rain or take a rest. So the bridge is called wind and rain bridge. On the corridor and eaves of pavilions are carved with paintings featuring coloured and vivid figures, mountains and rivers, patterns and animal, displaying the Dong's national characteristics as well as their diligence and wisdom. Wind and rain bridges are the art treasures of Chinese wood architecture.
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