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1997-6, Scott 2760-62 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
(3-1), Celebration, 50 fen, 30*50mm
Large Picture
(3-2), Unity, 50 fen, 50*30mm
Large Picture
(3-3), Advance, 200 fen, 50*30mm
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Technical details
Scott No: 2760-62
Serial number: 1997-6
Values in set: 3
Date of issue: Ma Lian ; Dan Sen
Designers: May 1,1997
30*50mm for Value 1
50*30mm for Value 2 and 3
Perforation: 11.5
Sheet composition: 32
Themes: Anniversary,
If you unfold a map of the People's Republic of China, you will see a stretch of land in the shape of a galloping horse extending in northern China from northeast to southwest and covering northeast, north and northwest China. This is the vast Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Covering and area of 1.183 million square kilometres, the region borders Mongolia and Russia in the north, and neighbours eight provinces. Inner Mongolia has dense forests, lush pasture land and fertile farmland and rich mineral resources. It is known to "have forests in the west, farmland in the south, pasture land in the north and mineral resources everywhere" and praised as the "lush southern-type farmlands north of the Great Wall".

The vast pasture land is a sea of flowers and also the native place of songs and dances. The annual Nadam is a fair which embodies the Mongolian traditional customs and is the crystallization of history and modern culture. The fair features world famous Mongolian dances and traditional sports event, such as wrestling, horse racing and archery. Warm-hearted and hospitable Mongolian people greet guests and friends from all quarters with white Hada and wines.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was founded on May 1, 1947, China's earliest minority autonomous region, inhabited by Mongolian, Han, Manchurian, Hui, Daur and Oroqen people . Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the people of various nationalities have been living in unity and harmony and jointly achieved glorious achievements in the past 50 years.
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