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1995-4, Scott 2558 Promote Social Development, Better Our Future
SN: (1-1)
Title: Promote Social Development, Better Our Future
Values: 20 fen
Size: 40*30mm
Type: J(Mint)
Technical details:

Scott No: 2558
Serial number: 1995-4
Values in set: 1
Date of issue: March 6, 1995
Designers: Guo Zhenshan
Size: 40*30mm
Perforation: 11*11.5
Sheet composition: 50
Printing process: gravure


In the light of the 47/92 resolution approved by the 47th session of the United Nations General Assembly, the World Summit for Social Development would be held in Copenhagen of Denmark in March 1995, The meeting was scheduled to draw up a declaration and an action program to embody the purposes of the UN's Charter to realize social progress and improve the life of all . The three core topics for discussion at the meeting were to alleviate and reduce poverty, to expand productive employment, and to strengthen social mix, of which the content covered all fields of social development. This was the first time in history that the United Nations sponsored the World Summit for Social Development, which would be of great significance to promoting international cooperation and exchanges on social development, to enabling governments of different nations to pay attention to social development, to raising the status of social development in the strategy of the national development, to strengthening the work and coordination in the fields of social development, and to facilitating the world safety and the progress of the human society.

The People's Republic of China has obtained achievements in social development that attract worldwide attention. In the process of socialist modernization, China wanted to accomplish its second strategic objective to raise the people's material and cultural life and quality, urban and rural structure, social order and living surroundings to a new level. The Chinese government would positively support the United Nations to host the world summit for social development, and publicize the importance of the meeting. It would set up a China reparatory committee for the meeting while organizing a series of activities. Included would be an exhibition to display China's achievements in social development, an international seminar on Beijing's social development, the first meeting on national social development, a state report on China's social development, to the United Nations, and the issue of a set of a commemorative stamp entitled "Promote Social Development, Better Our Future." The Chinese people would, as usual, promote social development, continue to work for the social civilization, justice and happiness, and join hands with the people of the world to develop the bright future.
Tags: Society,
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