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2004-6, Scott 3350-1 Peafowl
(2-1), Grace, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
(2-2), Charm, 80 fen, 30*50 mm
Vying for Beauty
(1-1), Vying for Beauty, 600 fen, 124*98 mm/ 60*40 mm mm
Larger Picture
(2-4), Peafowl, 1280 fen, 176 * 146 mm
Larger Picture
Technical details
Scott No: 3350-1
Serial number: 2004-6
Values in set: 2
Souvenir Sheet: 1
Denomination: 1.60 yuan
Denomination of S/S : 6 yuan
Date of issue: April 13, 2004
Designer: Shi Yu
Size of stamps:
50*30 mm for Value I
30*50 mm for Value II
Size of S/S: 124*98 mm
Size of S/S stamp: 60*40 mm
13*12.5 for Value I
12.5*13 for Value II
Sheet composition: 8
Printing process: gravure
Printer: Beijing Postage Stamp Printing House
Themes: Animals, Birds, Nature,
The peafowl, of genus peafowl, family Phasiamidae, is a non-migrant bird. There are only two species of it in the world. The green ones (Pavo muticus) are found in western and southern Yunnan of China and Southeast Asia, and the blue ones (Pavo cristanis) inhabit India and Sri Lanka. The white peafowl is the albino aberrant form of the blue peafowl. Peafowl dwell in subtropical grasslands and jungles less than 2000 metres above sea level. They usually move in flocks of 3 or 5 and feed on grass seeds, fruits and insects. The male bird is over two metres in length, in iridescent blue and green, with a crest and tail coverts. The coverts make a splendid fan when spread, and are like a beautiful curtain when closed. The female does not have tail coverts and is pale brown on the back. Peafowl are precious birds that people love as a symbol of auspiciousness.
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