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2004-24, Scott 3394-3405 Frontier Scenes of China
Forest of Xing`an Mountains
(12-1), Forest of Xing`an Mountains, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Lake in the Yalu River Basin
(12-2), Lake in the Yalu River Basin, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Reefs in the Yellow Sea
(12-3), Reefs in the Yellow Sea, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Zhoushan Archipelago
(12-4), Zhoushan Archipelago, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Coastline of Taiwan
(12-5), Coastline of Taiwan, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Xisha Islands
(12-6), Xisha Islands, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Karst Landscape in Southern Guangxi
(12-7), Karst Landscape in Southern Guangxi, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Rain Forest in Southern Yunnan
(12-8), Rain Forest in Southern Yunnan, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Mount Qomolangma
(12-9), Mount Qomolangma, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
The Pamirs
(12-10), The Pamirs, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Badain Jaran Desert
(12-11), Badain Jaran Desert, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Hulun Buir Steppe
(12-12), Hulun Buir Steppe, 80 fen, 50*30 mm
Frontier Scenes of China
(12-13), Frontier Scenes of China, 1200 fen, 230*146 mm
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Technical details
Serial number: 2004-24
Valuesin set: 12
Denomination: 960 fen
Date of issue: October 1, 2004
Designer: Hao Xudong
Size of stamp: 50*30mm
Perforation: 13*12.5
Sheet composition: 8
Printing process: Gravure
Printer: Beijing Postage Stamp Printing House
With a vast territory and territorial sea,China has a 20,000km-long border and a continental coastline of 18,000km.Covering a land area of 9.6 million square kilometres from the Pamirs in central Asia to the western part of the Pacific,from the central line of the Heilongjiang River in the cold temperate zone to the Zengmu Shoal clos to the equator,China has six neighboring countries across the sea,and borders 15 countries.All of the five flundamental topographies can be found in China.China's frontiers boast unique topographic features and diversified scenery,which are displayed in this set of stamps.It is the first time that the frontier scenes has been selected as pictures on stamps.
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