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2003-12, Scott 3287-8 Tibetan Antelopes
Tibetan Antelopes
(2-1), Tibetan Antelopes, 80 fen, 40*30 mm
Tibetan Antelopes
(2-2), Tibetan Antelopes, 200 fen, 40*30 mm
Tibetan Antelopes
(1-1), Tibetan Antelopes, 1680 fen, 200*88 mm
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Technical details
Scott No: 3287-8
Serial number: 2003-12
Values in set: 2
Denomination: 2.80 yuan
Date of issue: 20th July 2003
Designer: Huang Huaqing and Hu Zhenyuan
Size of stamps: 40*30 mm
Perforation: 11*11.5
Sheet composition:
20 for Sheet I
6 for Sheet II
Printing process: Photogravure-engraving
Printer: Beijing Postage Stamp Printing House
Themes: Animals, Nature,
The Tibetan Antelopes, of the Genus Pantholops Hodgsan, Bavidae, ARTIODACTYLA, is a rare species found on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, ranging mainly in Tibet, Xinjiang and Qinghai of China. Tibetan antelopes inhabit on the plateau steppe 3500-5200 meters high above sea level, and usually move in groups ranging from a handful to over a thousand. The males and females live separately in the season of breeding. The male has long horns of as long as 0.6 meters, so it is also called long-horn antelope. The rich undercoat of the Tibetan antelope consists of soft and fine wool, often in the colour of yellow. Their population used to be more than 100,000, but has been reduced sharply over the past tow decades. It is now the Grade I Wild Animal under Key National Protection of China, and has been included as a species under protection into Appendices I to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
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