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1999-16, Scott 2980-83 Scientific and Technological Achievements
Early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota
(4-1), Early Cambrian Chengjiang Biota, 80 fen, 40*30mm
6.000m Underwater Robot
(4-2), 6.000m Underwater Robot, 80 fen, 40*30mm
The Best Result of Goldbach Conjecture
(4-3), The Best Result of Goldbach Conjecture, 80 fen, 30*40mm
2.16m Astronomical Telescope
(4-4), 2.16m Astronomical Telescope, 80 fen, 30*40mm
Technical details
Scott No: 2980-83
Serial number: 1999-16
Values in set: 4
Denomination: 320fen
Date of issue: 1 November 1999
Designers: Hu Zhenyuan
40*30mm for Value 1 and 2
30*40mm for Value 3 and 4
Perforation: 12
Sheet composition: 20
Printing process: offset
Printer: Shenyang Posts and Telecommunications Printing House
On November1, 1999 was the 50th anniversay of the founding of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Chinese Academy of Sciences is the highest academic institute of the state science and technology and a national center of natural science and hi-tech research and development. In the past 50 years, the academy has undertaken China's heavy tasks of basic, strategic, comprehensive and forward research and development. Its staff members, together with scientists and technicians from other fields, have made a lot of breakthroughs and achieved tremendous results which have become the focus of world attention and made great contributions to the economic construction, social development, civilization and progress of the society. Stamps demonstrate some important world-known scientific and technological achievements made by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
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