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1996-29, Scott 2735-36 The 60th Anniversary of Victory of Chinese Long Match
The Red Army Through the Marshland
(2-1), The Red Army Through the Marshland, 20 fen, 50*30mm
Large Picture
Reunion of Three Armies
(2-2), Reunion of Three Armies, 50 fen, 50*30mm
Large Picture
Technical details
Scott No: 2735-36
Serial number: 1996-29
Values in set: 2
Date of issue: October 22, 1996
Designers: Yan Bingwu; Chen Xiaocong
Size: 50*30mm
Perforation: 12.5
Sheet composition: 42
Printing process: offset
During the Second Revolutionary Civil War period, the Central Rend Army (The First Front Army ), guided by the incorrect strategy of the "Left" adventures leaders represented by Wang Ming, failed to defeat the fifth "encircling and suppressing" launched by the Kuomintang-led troops. The Red Army was forced to withdraw form the revolutionary bases to conduct Long March. Except those in North Shanxi Province, Red Army troops in other Soviet Areas also started their Long March in succession.

In August 1934, the Sixth Army Group of the Red Army inaugurated their Long March from the Xiang (Hunan)-Gand (Jiangxi) Base in October, where they joined forces with the Second Army Group of the Red Army. In October the same year, the main forces of the Red Army started Long March from the areas including Changding and Ninghua of Fujian Proving, and Ruijin of Jiangxi Province.

After the historic Zunyi Meeting in January 1935, the Central Red Army, now under edirect leadership of Mao Zedong, fought successively in the borders among Qian, Chuan (Sichuan) and Dian (Yunnan), and at last shook off the surrounding, chasing and intercepting of tens of millions of Kuomintang troops. They arrived at Mao Gong in west Sichuan on June 13, where they joined forces with the Fourth Front Army of the Red Army, At that time the leader of the Fourth Front Army ,Zhang Guotao openly adopted splittism, which met firm resistance from the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and Mao Zedong. Mao and other comrades led the main forces of the Red Army to continue to go up north, and in October 1935, they successfully arrived at the Wuqi Township, a base in north Shanxi Province.

The Second and Sixth Army Groups of the Red Army began their Long March form the Xiang-E (Hubei)-Chuan-Qian Base in November 1935. They joined forces with the Fourth Front Army when they got to Ganzi Area in June 1936. The Second and Sixth Army Groups and the 32 Army of the Red Army were combined to form the Second Front Army. They went up north with the Fourth Front Army and reached Huining of Gansu Province in October 1936, where they joined forces with the First Front Army. By then the Red Army Long March had the Red Army.
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