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1996-26, Scott 2724-2730 Shanghai Pudong
SN: (6-1)
Title: Communication and Transportation
Values: 10 fen
Size: 50*30mm
Type: T(Mint)
SN: (6-2)
Title: Lujiazui Finance and Trade Area
Values: 20 fen
Size: 50*30mm
Type: T(Mint)
SN: (6-3)
Title: Jinqiao Export-oriented Processing
Values: 20 fen
Size: 50*30mm
Type: T(Mint)
SN: (6-4)
Title: Zhangjiang High-tech Zone
Values: 50 fen
Size: 50*30mm
Type: T(Mint)
SN: (6-5)
Title: Waigaoqiao Bonded Area
Values: 60 fen
Size: 50*30mm
Type: T(Mint)
SN: (6-6)
Title: Residential Quarter
Values: 100 fen
Size: 50*30mm
Type: T(Mint)
SN: (1-1)
Title: An Opening and Developing Pudong
Values: 500 fen
Size: 160*75 mm/ 90*45 mm
Type: T(S/S)
Technical details:

Scott No: 2724-2730
Serial number: 1996-26
Values in set: 6
Souvenir sheet: 1
Date of issue: September 21, 1996
Designers: Li Bin; Yang Shuntai; Zhang Anpu
Size: 50*30mm
Size of S/S: 160*75 mm
Size of S/S stamp: 90*45 mm
Perforation: 11.5
Sheet composition: 40
Printing process: offset and engraving combined


On April 18, 1990, Premier Li Peng, on behalf of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council, solemnly announced the Chinese Government¡¯s decision to develop Pudong (East Shanghai).

The exploration and opening of Pudong showed that Shanghai's economic development had entered a key historical transitional period. It also indicated that China's reform and opening up, rising form South China, now was galloping towards central China and the Yangtze River valley China in1990s has stepped up its pace to walk towards the world.

Pudong witnessed a rapid development in its communications and transportation sectors since its opening and exploration. The backbone projects of the 10 infrastructure facilities, involving an investment of nearly RMB25 bilolion yuan, have been finished ahead of schedule. Also completed are two bridges crossing the Huangpu River, two around-city express ways, four 10,000-ton berths, and 500,000 programme-controlled telephones. Under construction is a new batch of key municipal works, including the Pudong Section of Metro No.2, Pudong International Airport and a modern telecommunications center. Occupying 15.47 square kilometers, the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone in Pudong, just separated form the downtown Shanghai Bund by a river, formed with Puxi (West Shanghai) a most dynamic central commercial area in Shanghai. Among the many development zones in China, the Lujiazui is the only development zone with the name of "financial & trade zone". With a designed area of 19 square kilometers, the Jinqiao Export Processing Zone the State ever approved. The Pudong Zhangjiang High-tech park, showing the meaning of high-tech, prioritizing the high-tech industries and making full use of new technologies, is also dabbed as a "modern crude drug medicine valley" for its outstanding achievements in modern biological medicine. The Waigaoqiao Bonded Zone has become one of the main channels that links Shanghai and even the Yangtze Delta with international market. It is also the first comprehensive development area approved by the State Council to engage in export processing and free trade. In fact, the development of Pudong is not confined to projects development, it has boosted the advancement of the whole society. The residential quarters in Pudong can provide comfortable and beautiful living environment for the inhabitants.
Tags: Cities,
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