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1995-2, Scott 2552-53 Rime in Jilin
SN: (2-1)
Title: Willows Covered with Soft Rime nearby the River
Values: 20 fen
Size: 40*30mm
Type: T(Mint)
SN: (2-2)
Title: Trees with Soft Rime look like Jade Trees
Values: 50 fen
Size: 30*40mm
Type: T(Mint)
Technical details:

Scott No: 2552-53
Serial number: 1995-2
Values in set: 2
Date of issue: January 12, 1995
Designers: Lu Tianjiao
40*30mm for Value 1
30*40mm for Value 2
Perforation: 12
Sheet composition: 50
Printing process: offset


Rime, also called "snow willow", "tree hanging", "ice flowers", "water vaporized flowers", "silver flowers", is a kind of phenomenon, in which winter fog condenses on the branches and leaves of trees to form separate, white ice crystals, according to metrology.

Rime has a history of 1,500 years, according to the written record. During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Song Luchen said in "Zi Lin" that balls formed by ice in the freezing night disappeared after the sun rises, and this was called as "rime" by people in the Qi and Lu states. Zeng Gong, a writer in the Song Dynasty described the feature of the rime in his poem "Dong Ye Ji Shi Shi" (making a poem at a winter night scene bringing back memories), that there was no wind in the garden in the early day and rime flowers bloomed on every tree simultaneously.

The scene of the rime in Jilin is so beautiful that it is known as the best in the country. Since it appears in Jilin City with elegant environment, developed transport facilities and rich natural resources, people may travel the city to enjoy the sight seeing and carry out winter sports or economic and trade activities this making rime in Jilin more popular. It is known as one of China's four marvelous natural spectacles.

In the freezing winter, when you walk along the five-kilometer-long dikes in Jilin, you may appreciate the jade trees and flowers and silver willows just like graceful beauties in long silk skirts dancing with long sleeves to welcome you.
Tags: Cities, Nature,
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