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N66-77, Scott 1131-42 Historical Relics Unearthed During Culture Revolutionary
Flat pot of bule and white porcelain with style of head of phoenix
(12-1), Flat pot of bule and white porcelain with style of head of phoenix, 4 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Gold-plating silver pot
(12-2), Gold-plating silver pot, 4 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Black color horse(tricolor-glazed pottery)
(12-3), Black color horse(tricolor-glazed pottery), 8 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Clay tomb figure
(12-4), Clay tomb figure, 8 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Column base(stone carving)
(12-5), Column base(stone carving), 8 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Bronze Galloping Horse
(12-6), Bronze Galloping Horse, 8 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Gold-plating copper inkstone box
(12-7), Gold-plating copper inkstone box, 8 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Changxin Imperial Palace Lamp
(12-8), Changxin Imperial Palace Lamp, 8 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Bronze ding with duck handle cover
(12-9), Bronze ding with duck handle cover, 10 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Zengzhong Fufang bottle
(12-10), Zengzhong Fufang bottle, 10 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Bronze You (wine vessel)
(12-11), Bronze You (wine vessel), 20 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Red pottery ding with pattern
(12-12), Red pottery ding with pattern, 52 fen, 31*38.5 mm
Technical details
Scott No: 1131-42
Serial number: N66-77
Values in set: 12
Date of issue: November 20, 1973
Denomination: 148 fen
Designer: Wu Jiankun
Size of stamps: 31*38.5mm
Perforation: 11.5
Sheet composition: 50(10*5)
Printing process: Photogravure
Printing House: Beijing Postage Stamp Printing Works
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